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Harry Metcalf

Consultant, UK

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Harry Metcalf

Consultant, UK

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1What’s different about Berkeley for our clients?

Our clients know that when they buy Berkeley, they are always going to work with highly capable and experienced consultants, whose only goal is to help them get to the outcome they want, rather than trying to sell follow-on work. We also work side-by-side with our clients (“with you” not “to you” – which sounds like a clich√© but really is true) and often as an integral part of client leadership teams, which I think that makes working with us feel different to most other consultancies. 

2What’s been your biggest professional accomplishment? 

I’d probably say leading the mobilization and successful delivery of a global cyber security program at a supply chain and logistics company, reporting up to the CIO and ultimately the Executive Leadership Team and Board. It was one of those rare opportunities to lead a major delivery program from start to finish, which was really rewarding as I was able to set up and shape how the program was run, then lead the delivery over the next two years.

I worked with a great team of people and there was a huge amount of variety in what we were delivering, from implementing new security technology, sourcing and onboarding managed services, through to managing a significant amount of business change. The program delivered a significant reduction in cyber security risk for the client and was delivered on time and to budget. I learnt a huge amount about cyber security in the process and now play an active role within Berkeley helping to lead our cyber security and operational resilience service offering. 

3Why did you become a management consultant?

I’m yet to come across someone who grew up dreaming to become a management consultant! It’s one of those careers that a lot of people fall into but then end up really enjoying, which is exactly what happened to me. I graduated from Durham with a degree in Chemistry and Biology, which only helped me to realize that I didn’t want a life in the lab. I knew I wanted variety and a regular stream of new challenges in my career, so when I discovered what a career in consulting would entail it really appealed to me.

It has given me the chance to put my problem-solving skills to good use whilst working on a variety of projects within a business environment, working with a wide range of different people and the opportunity to travel. I continue to enjoy the variety and challenges that come with each assignment so haven’t looked back.