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Jenna Goldstein

Consultant, UK

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Jenna Goldstein

Consultant, UK

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1What do you like most about Berkeley?

I really enjoy the working environment at Berkeley. I don’t just mean the nice office, but the way everyone looks out for each other and dives in to help when needed. Knowing that you can reach out to anyone on the team to ask for help is really empowering and means as a consultant you can stretch yourself into new areas knowing that you will have the support to do a really good job for the client. 

2What types of engagements excite you the most?

I absolutely love being able to help client shape a solution or programme of work – whatever the topic may be. With my past company, I was often part of the team who was given a statement of work to deliver having had no influence on the methodology, scope, or resource plan (I’ll refrain from any comments about sales teams here!). 

At Berkeley this has been completely different because we often work with our clients at the start to help shape their change programmes, and in my experience having had the delivery experience in big organisations means you can be really practical about what it takes to deliver successful change and set realistic expectations about the roles of partners, timelines, budgets, and benefits.

3What are your values and how have they informed your career?

I like to do ‘the right thing’ and this is a value that I share with Berkeley. I am not sales orientated and instead prefer to roll my sleeves up and work hand in hand with the client team and their partners to get a really good outcome. It’s an old consulting clich√© to say you ‘leave the badge at the door’ – but truthfully, I really like working this way and being a consultant at Berkeley allows me be part of different organisations while still having an awesome team and support network back at Berkeley.