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Katharine Brecknell

Recruitment Manager, UK

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Katharine Brecknell

Recruitment Manager, UK

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Why did you join Berkeley?

Key to my decision in joining Berkeley was moving to a smaller, more people focused firm where I could have more of an impact. Having worked in several larger organizations prior to Berkeley, I wanted to go somewhere where I could have more of a voice and really contribute. Professional services partnerships have a different feel anyway but most importantly I have always found my opinion has been asked for and listened to and so I have always felt very valued as an employee.


What’s the most surprising thing you learned at Berkeley?

Asking for help and making mistakes are both parts of professional life just as much as getting it right! There is no stigma to asking for help at Berkeley - in fact it is actively encouraged. Of course we want to do things well, and it’s important to deliver to high standards but when things don’t go right for whatever reason you know that you will be supported and helped through the problem.

3  Why did you choose your career?

For me, recruitment and talent is so integral to the success of any business, and this is particularly true of Berkeley as well as consulting more generally. Playing an important role is bringing that talent to Berkeley is what I have always loved about recruitment and it drives me to want to find the best people to come to work here. I also love the feeling of giving someone a fantastic job offer to come work in a great company - it is so satisfying!