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Lucy Chung

Consultant, UK

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Lucy Chung

Consultant, UK

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1What’s different about Berkeley for you?

The entire model and way of working is quite different to a traditional consulting organisation, there’s no incentive whatsoever to do anything other than focus 100% on what’s right for the client and support each other in the process. It’s a true partnership in that sense, no individual sales targets and, in practical terms, this means a much more collaborative environment, without being pulled in multiple directions against competing priorities.

Other aspects about Berkeley that make it stand out for me, are the nature of and type of work. Berkeley people tend to work alongside clients wearing “the client badge”, and in very small numbers - even for the largest transformation challenges. This is quite different to the traditional image one might have of vast consulting teams landing for large programs; Berkeley work closely with its clients to effect change from within.

2What types of engagements excite you the most?

Without a doubt the best engagements are the ones where you are having the most impact, and for me that often means delivery, engaging with multiple stakeholder groups and fostering collaboration. At the same time, I’ve also really enjoyed the more strategically focused assignments. So much of delivery when it gets heated can be traced back to the decisions made during the strategy and planning stages, so it’s satisfying from an impact point of view to be able to influence both.

More recently I have been applying my data and technology experience to help solve some of the challenges companies are facing around sustainability reporting which is incredibly rewarding. As many organizations are now figuring out how to operate sustainably, including reducing carbon emissions and minimizing waste, I look forward to being part of more of these transformation journeys.

3Why did you become a management consultant?

I discovered the world of consultancy whilst studying for my masters. I crave variety and challenge and the idea of getting to work in multiple environments really appealed.  I’ve often thought about what I might have done if I hadn’t gone down this career path, but all options come back to a few common themes around working with great people, continuous learning and taking on hard challenges. It’s no coincidence either that most of my experience has been in the consumer sector. I have loved getting behind the scenes of some of the worlds biggest brands and understanding how the things we see day to day, and take for granted, get made and managed. Now after more than a decade of being a management consultant I’m still thoroughly enjoying it!