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Mike Muzinic

Consultant, US

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Mike Muzinic

Consultant, US

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1What’s different about Berkeley for you?

The difference between Berkeley and other consulting companies I have worked for is quite simple – they let you just focus on being a consultant.

By eliminating mandatory firm activities, utilization tracking, and sales targets, a comfortable environment to focus on providing the highest calibre of work to my clients is what truly excites me the most. Berkeley lets me choose my own path, work on clients/industries of interest, and use a style that caters to both my clients and my own goals and ambitions.

Simply put, I am given the freedom to focus on being a consultant and balancing it with both my professional and personal life. Also, the genuine nature of Berkeley’s partners and consultants has made a world of difference for me both professionally and personally. Berkeley does not only care about me and my personal and professional aspirations, but cares about my family, my girlfriend, and my life both in and outside of work.

2What’s been your biggest professional accomplishment?

Keeping close to the connections (whether previous co-workers, superiors, or client contacts) I have made over my 10+ year career. While this may not seem like a true “professional accomplishment” to some, I pride myself on the connections I have fostered as they have led me to new career opportunities, expanded my client portfolio, and even generated life-long friendships.

You never truly know when you need to call on someone in your network for help on a particular industry, client personality, or technical skillset. It’s always been a give and take with my network meaning, if an opportunity comes along where I may not be the best person to address, I’ve recommended old co-workers and companies who may be better suited, and vice versa. Connections are everything, and by keeping close to previous co-workers or client contacts has contributed to the success I have been able to achieve in my career thus far.

3What are you passionate about in life?

I have several passions both professionally and personally that I have discovered over the course of my life so far.

Professionally, I am very passionate about problem solving, critical thinking, technology transformation, helping my clients, and developing deep, meaningful, and long-lasting connections. In my opinion, developing connections both professionally and personally is the key to success in your life and career. I often reminisce about the number of times I have called upon a connection I either made at a prior job, or with an old client, to help solve a problem as a reminder of how important this truly is to me.

Personally, I am extremely passionate about sports, both snow and water skiing, scuba diving, playing tennis and basketball, spending quality time with friends and family, traveling both domestically in the US and internationally, and finding the best slice of pizza in NYC.