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Richard Pawson

Consultant, UK

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Richard Pawson

Consultant, UK

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What’s different about Berkeley for our clients?

We truly work alongside our clients in the roles and positions we take up on their most important and challenging projects. As Berkeley, we’re often expected to be work independently on a project and that gives us the freedom and latitude to work in a way that puts the client first and do whatever is required to get the job done. We’re encouraged and supported to build great and genuine relationships with those that we work with, I can see our clients respect that and enjoy having us by their side when there are challenging times ahead.


How have you helped clients achieve their aspirations?

I’m always aiming to inject rigor and structure to complex environments and I can see how this has facilitated client success on my Berkeley projects. Providing clarity on the aims, approaches and status of the work I’m involved with has enabled clients to comprehensively, and honestly, reflect the situation on the ground into the wider organizations. Berkeley’s approach of working alongside our clients makes it so much easier to keep an open and transparent dialogue flowing throughout our engagements.

3  What are your goals and aspirations?

I’m always aiming to have a positive impact on the people and environments around me – I aspire to be a positive contributor and influencer. I enjoy bringing my personality into roles and relationships we build through projects and aim to maintain this whilst having the flexibility to respond to our clients’ needs. As my program and strategic experience develops, I want to continue to take on the most complex and challenging roles on a whole variety of clients to keep demonstrating the value I can add in all types of situations.