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Tony Reeve

Consultant, UK

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Tony Reeve

Consultant, UK

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1Why did you join Berkeley?

As is typical for many consultants who join Berkeley, I found myself getting increasingly more specialized at my previous employer, both in relation to the subject matter of the engagements I was managing and my client base. With a naturally curious personality, I was craving additional variety in both of these areas, so I was really attracted to the offering at Berkeley and being able to gain increased variety without delaying progression.

I was also really attracted to the flat structure of Berkeley – I can immediately see the benefit of removing peer competition, allowing the whole of Berkeley to concentrate on the best outcome for the client.

2What types of engagements excite you the most?

One of the reasons I enjoy working as a management consultant is having the opportunity to learn about new organizations, industries, and areas whilst using the transferrable skills built up throughout my career to help clients solve problems and deliver value.

The engagements that excite me the most are those where I’m able to learn the most and am required to do some ‘thinking on my feet’. I enjoy being involved in solving problems that require real brain power from multiples sources.

3What are you passionate about in life?

I’m passionate about learning and understanding how things work - I like to really get under the skin of issues in order to solve problems, whilst learning about new things.

I’m also a strong believer in being authentic – everybody has their own strengths, weaknesses, personalities and gripes. Not everybody will get on, but if we were all authentic, kind, respectful and accepting of one another then I believe we’d be in a pretty cool place.