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Vienn McMasters

Content Manager, UK

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Vienn McMasters

Content Manager, UK

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1Why did you join Berkeley?

Like many people at Berkeley, I left a Big 4 firm in search of a smaller, more personable organization. I was starting to feel like a tiny cog in a gigantic machine, where I could never hope to understand the full picture. At Berkeley, I have a better sense of purpose, knowing how and where my skills and output directly support the firm’s strategy. It’s important to me that my work has a measurable impact.

Berkeley is also a fantastic place to be working specifically in content development. Our partners and consultants are not only highly experienced, but genuinely passionate about what they do – the exact elements needed to produce insights that are truly thought-provoking and valuable.

2What’s the most surprising thing you learned at Berkeley?

I was most surprised by the fact that Berkeley has never really had to ‘do’ marketing. The firm has managed to retain and grow its business mainly through repeat work and referrals – an impressive achievement! It’s a testament to how Berkeley provides quality service to clients and supports their long-term interests.

While a great performance by Berkeley, it was a daunting context for my joining the firm as a member of the newly minted marketing team! What would I have to offer to a firm which appeared to be doing just fine without someone in my role? Would my contribution be valued by people at Berkeley? Thankfully, I was immediately reassured by everyone’s enthusiasm for marketing Berkeley the best way possible – sharing Berkeley’s story with a wider audience and showcasing the great work we do for our clients.

3What are your values and how have they informed your career?

I became a Christian as a teenager and since then I’ve only become ever more aware of my shortcomings and my need for forgiveness and grace! As much as I hope for patience and understanding from others, they deserve the same from me and I try my best to follow the teaching to ‘love my neighbor’ in the workplace. I could never be the sort of person who would step on the backs of others to get ahead.

In chasing their goals and ambitions, many people would say they struggle to maintain a work-life balance and to set appropriate boundaries. I’ve certainly found this challenging at times, particularly at the earlier stages of my career in public affairs and PR. As my responsibilities have grown both at home and at church (I am married, currently co-lead a weekly bible study group, and became a godparent to my best friend’s adorable wee boy!), I have had to reassess how and where I want to work. While I continue to have career aspirations, I also need to prioritize family and church life.

I chose to join Berkeley because of its values and the friendly, supportive culture. I don’t have to hide the fact that I’m a Christian or pretend to be somebody I’m not in order to succeed. Here, I can do my best work, and continue to grow and challenge myself. But I can also be my authentic self and live out the values of my faith.