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Climate change, environment and sustainability

Bridging the gap between sustainability ambitions and the transformational change to achieve them

You will likely have to adapt your business to ensure your organization survives and thrives in a zero carbon future. The necessary changes to your strategy, culture and operating model are complex and challenging.   

Sustainability consulting services that enable complex transformation

Organizations are having to rethink their purpose, strategy and operating models to be more sustainable and help address climate change. Customers are increasingly demanding the organizations they buy from to take more responsibility – and as a result, sustainably oriented businesses are thriving. In the future, any organization that wants to be successful will need to have sustainability and climate action at its heart.  

Sustainability also brings opportunities for new products and services, production methods, ways of working and supply chains that can deliver commercial benefit, not just demonstrate corporate social responsibility. It’s increasingly important for talent management too, as employees seek out purpose-led organizations with a strong commitment to the environment and climate action.

Taking climate action and achieving better sustainability requires a focused, co-ordinated transformational effort.

Berkeley specializes in transformation under complex, challenging and high-stakes circumstances – the exact scenario that climate change presents. We support clients on their sustainability agendas, helping them to set the right strategic direction and operating model, mobilize and deliver transformational change, and engage key stakeholders – ensuring success and driving lasting outcomes.

As an organization, we are also committed to our own journey to net zero, taking concerted action to make a difference.

Sustainability consulting expertise that spans across your operating model

Creating a sustainable organization often requires careful, co-ordinated design across several aspects of an operating model. Berkeley’s sustainability consultants can partner with you to align the necessary organizational, process, location, capability and technology elements. Our range and depth of experience helps clients to think holistically about how to translate sustainability strategy into realistic actions that lead to tangible results.

Sustainability consultants who get your program moving

Mobilizing sustainability-related programs can be particularly challenging given their cross-cutting, critical and complex nature. Berkeley’s experienced program leaders can work with you to set up for success – working with your senior people to create the case for change, building cross-functional teams and ensuring the right governance, approaches and plans are in place.

I like Berkeley's focussed and pragmatic approach, and not afraid to express a clear view. Their proactivity in engaging with the board has really helped support our overall positive feedback.”

A renewable energy sector client

Sustainability consultants who help you make the hard decisions

Having plotted our own path to net zero and helped many other organizations develop and act on their sustainability strategies, we know that there are rarely easy choices to make when tackling sustainability and climate change. There are very real impacts to consider for how organizations operate, and the ways in which their people think and act. 

Our sustainability consultants can help organizations navigate those choices in the best way, making trade-offs where needed. We can partner with you to build a sustainability roadmap that won’t just align with your wider business strategy; it can act as a key driver for desired business outcomes.   

A sustainability consultancy that collaborates creatively

Sustainability is inherently complex, often ambiguous, and frequently seen as technical and hard to understand. Berkeley’s consultants can help you quickly gain clarity and understanding, present ideas in a simple-to-understand way, and bring together the many aspects of change in a co-ordinated, comprehensive, and compelling way.

Given its nature, sustainability will uncover new challenges that haven’t been addressed before; the solutions require imagination, collaboration and an organization-wide perspective. Berkeley’s people can provide the right leadership, passion, and creative problem-solving skills. We emphasize collaborative working and can organize, motivate and bring the best out of combined teams. 

While the action your organization takes on sustainability will be specific to your circumstances, there are common challenges and learnings to share from others. Our people can quickly gain a thorough understanding of your organization and build trust, while combining the appropriate perspectives and insights gained from working across many other organization types and sectors on sustainability-specific work.

From helping sustainability NGOs extend their reach, to supporting transport operators defining their decarbonization strategies, and on to mobilizing key supply chain traceability programs for global consumer goods and retail companies, we bring a depth and breadth of cross-sector experience that will help you better tackle your specific sustainability challenge or ambition.

“Transitioning organizations to a zero-carbon future will be the most disruptive effort that many organizations will face. With our expertise  in complex transformational change combined with our sustainability experience, Berkeley is well-placed to support clients on this journey.”

Tom Keohane, Partner

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How can I mobilize my organization to drive effective change on sustainability?

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What do we need to change to make the biggest impact on sustainability?

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Action on sustainability is going to require significant culture change across my organization – how do I incorporate that?

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We have a sustainability ambition / strategy, but how do I make it a reality?